About Bismillah Plastic


Bismillah Plastics established in the year 1996 is a professional enterprise which produce Plastic Commodities for Pharmaceuticals, Aggravate, Cosmetics, Unani, herbal, toiletries & food Industries.
Our company develops the spirit of a struggle which is quality, speed, efficacy, unity, exploration and brings forth new ideas and concepts.
Through the effort of several years our company has developed advanced equipment, advanced manufactured technology, high automatic production level, and also has various categories of Plastic Packaging products.
We also research and develop of plastic products. So, our company keeps steady high all-around development per year.
Bismillah Plastics take challenges in taking market as vanguard, taking customer as Centre, science and technology as pillar and development as target.
We guarantee customer satisfaction offering competitive prices, perfect quality of supplied goods and prompt delivered high quality products.
We have established long-term friendly business cooperate relationship with our customers throughout the country...


  • We first incepted Plastic Eye Drop container in IBM technology.
  • The specification is internationally approved.
  • The Containers are Leak Proof and Autoclavable.
  • The Raw-materials are 100% imported food & Pharma grade.
  • With Mass production of about 100,000 pcs/day.
  • No charges extra for color charges.
  • Plastic Eye, Ear & Nasal drop Container 5ml, 1OmI, 15ml, 30ml & 40ml.
  • Serving for Pharma, Aggravate, Unani, Herbal, Cosmetics, Toiletries and Food Packaging.
  • Quality is our first priority.


  • Conception and development of new models of bottles and jars, starting from the design of your new container to the manufacturing of your mould.
  • Packaging of your containers as per your needs: in bags, in trays, in boxes, etc.
  • Large choice of colors for the manufacturing of your containers.
  • Great flexibility when it comes to minimal quantities and manufacturing delays.
  • Impressive variety of bottle and jar models to help meet your specific needs.


Plastic containers have been developed for a variety of applications across many different industries over the years. There are many different types of polymers used in the creation of these containers to help fill the demands for the various applications. Polymers offer a variety of properties, each having different levels of importance with different users depending on the application. Some users may have flexibility within their product formula or filling process and therefore focus on economical containers while others may need containers that are stronger, autoclavable, transparent, sterilized, etc., therefore requiring more specifications. Our company can help with polymer selection through comprehension of the customer’s product, goals, and adaptability.


The first part of our process is to work with our customers to understand their packaging needs. A production consultant will discuss with you to determine if an existing mould can be used or if a custom design is needed. Clients will then be presented with multiple options to choose from which will include size of mold and type of plastic and color, if needed. Once specifications for the project have been determined, and a mold made or provided, technicians use this information to create samples for client approval. After approval and sign-off, the production process can begin.


Bismillah Plastics uses state-of-the-art extrusion blow molding, injection blow machine and reheat stretch blow molding machines. Our experienced technicians set up each machine according to our customer's specifications. This set up includes installing the specified mold, plastic and colour. FINISHING & QUALITY CONTROL: This step is the most important to us. Even after a perfect molding process some bottles can have extra plastic or imperfections. The finishing area is where each bottle is examined by hand and trimmed of excess plastic if needed. All of Bismillah Plastics technicians are trained to carefully inspect for any flaws that may occur during production as well as insuring machinery is always running at optimum performance levels.